What will you get?

When you think Maine, you think Lobsters.  But what do you really know about lobsters other than they are a most succulent dinner item?  Today, more and more people are interested in learning how their food came to their dinner table and if it got there in a sustainable manner.  Enter Captain John and Lobster Talk…

In his one hour presentation, he talks about all of that and more. What better way to entertain groups than having a fisherman in orange overalls, carrying his tools of the trade (trap, buoy, measuring tools. etc.) (think authenticity) show up before or after a dinner, business function, or educational event to get people’s curiosity amped up and ready for something different and unexpected.  The Captain explains to his audience all about one of the most successful, sustainable and well-regulated fisheries in the world.

Lectures can be customized to fit the available “time slot” in an itinerary and can also serve as a last minute “time to fill” option (based on the Captain’s availability, of course).  A most popular pairing is before a lobster lunch or dinner.  It makes the meal fun and guests will be able to identify male from female lobsters, tell the difference between the crusher and shredder claws and talk about all the interesting facts they just learned about Maine’s iconic crustacean and fishery!  As the Captain would say:  “Forget about “JAWS” come listen to “CLAWS” with Captain John and “LOBSTER TALK” from Maine.”

For non-English speaking groups, Captain John (being both American and French) speaks fluent French.  From his tour boat days, the Captain has much experience working with a translator and may even have access to Chinese or Japanese translators if needed.

And how much will it cost?

The speaker fee for a one hour lecture starts at $500.  Many factors influence the cost (number of guests, location, etc.)  Special discounts are offered to tour operators, event organizers, those in the hospitality industry and non-profits.